The Biggest College Sport Events In The USA

When you think of college, it is all about tough courses and subjects to pass. You can also think of college parties, friends, and good times. But in between all these, college sports is also one thing that you will remember when talking about college life. There are lots of sports that college students can join and play. In fact, to support sports while studying, there are different college sport events that are being held in the USA. And these events even have made it big with its popularity making the college sports teams well-known worldwide.

Biggest US College Sports Events

1. NCAA Basketball
Basketball is a unanimous choice when college students are asked which sport they would want to join, play or watch. There are lots of professional players today who were big stars in NCAA Basketball. This is the home of the biggest names in pro basketball in the USA.
2. U.S Collegiate Figure Skating Championships
Figure skating is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Therefore, when college figure skating events are held, it always draws a crowd. Most college figure skating athletes become pro and even grab medals and crowns in the world competitions.
3. NAIA Outdoor Track and Field Championship
Track and field will always be a favorite sport among many college students. This sporting event has been held annually since 1952. It has produced the best track and field athletes that are already competing in different track and field competitions, including the Olympics.
4. NCAA Volleyball Championships
Volleyball has been popular these days. With the NCAA volleyball championships, college teams can compete against the best of the best in the world of college volleyball. Some players would already compete in world competitions even before becoming a pro.
5. Collegiate Rugby Championship
College sports will never be complete without the sport of rugby. A lot of college students enjoy the ruggedness and toughness of this sport. So, a lot of them join the college rugby teams to make sure that they can compete in the Collegiate Rugby Championship. This can open doors to the players to become pros after college.
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